How to enrol

KLS offers a variety of classes, camps, and workshops, each tailored for children of different ages. Check out our most frequently asked questions below to learn more about our offerings, and contact us for a personalized learning plan via LINE: @KLearningSpace.

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Is it a one-time class or a term?

To maximise benefits for children, KLS classes are term-based for a continuity in learning. After choosing the preferred date and time, children have to join chosen sessions until the term ends.

For example, enrolling to K | Design Studio on Monday at 13.15-14.15. There are total of 15 weeks in term 2/2024. Children have to attend the class every Monday from 13.15-14.15 until the term ends.

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How long does term 2/2024 last?

Term 2/2024 starts from 26 August to 15 December 2024 (total 15 weeks)

Children can join at the middle of the term. However, we highly recommend children to join at the beginning of the term so they can have a continuous learning journey and level up to more challenging lessons with their friends.

Enrolment for term 2/2024 opens now!


How to choose the class?

KLS offers varieties of classes which cover all children’s interest. The easiest way to select classes is to choose from children’s age. Then, explore class offerings in that age. You can select classes based on your child’s interests or areas of development.

The easiest way
2. Choose your child’s age on the bottom of the page. E.g. 3 years, then click FIND CLASSES
3. All classes for 3 years old will be displayed. You can click on a class and look through all information including class details, timetable, pictures from the class
4. Or you can consult with our Education Consultant via LINE @KLearningSpace

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Can I have a make-up token if
my child cannot attend the class?

If a child are not able to attend the class, parents have to inform a reason of absence. Our team will record it in the system.
The number of make up depends on the amount of registered weeks as follows.

Enrol for 0-3 times -- Get 0 make up token
Enrol for 4-5 times -- Get 1 make up token
Enrol for 6-10 times -- Get 2 make up tokens
Enrol for 11-15 times -- Get 3 make up tokens


What do I need to prepare
attending the class?

After enrolling for KLS classes, parents will receive Welcome Letter via email or LINE. The welcome letter contains essential information including what to prepare for the class.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via LINE.

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Do I have to attend classes with my child?

All under 3 years old classes, parents are required to attend classes with their child.
Classes for over 3 years old, children can join without parents.

There are plenty benefits of joining classes with children under 3 years old. It helps children to adapt with new environment. Also, parents will learn more about Play-based Learning from our educators and classmates. It is a good opportunity to observe your child’s development and apply what they learn at home.

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How can I contact educators?

Parents of under 3 years old child will meet our educators every time when you attend the class. For children over 4 years old, parents will meet our educators at the end of the class. Also, You can contact our educators via email.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our Education Consultant via LINE.

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What is Health & Safety policy
at KLS?

KLS has a strict Health & Safety policy to keep everyone in our community safe.

All classrooms and communal areas are cleaned and disinfected daily. We also use UV Light overnight. Additionally, we limit the number of student in each classes to create an effective learning for children and for the health and safety reasons. KLS always reviews our policy and updates it according to situations.

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How much does a class cost?

Price of classes are vary starting from 1,090 to 1,590 per session.

The price are calculated from the number of session on the enrolment date until the end of the term. Then, multiplying by the price of the session.

For example, enrolling for My Gym at the start of term 2/2024. The total is 15 weeks = 1,090 x 15 = 16,350 THB.


Is there any promotion?

Parents can enrol for any KLS programmes with the maximum of 30% discount when purchasing Prepaid Credit or Membership packages

A family that enrol at KLS for the first time gets 10% discounts on their first programme.